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Sachin Bhoite
Baramati, Maharashtra
“We have been using Agriklik & Soilklik for our wheat farm in Baramati, last year we got 1.3 tons of wheat, but this year afer using Nanosolutions product we got 1.9 tons of wheat which is almost a growth of 600kgs of wheat. The total expenditure of Nanosolutions product was exactly 400Rs of Agriklik and 880Rs of Soilklik which comes to 1280Rs. And net worth bonus was of Rs.6900. We are thankful to Nanosolutions for making such a wonderful product. We will definitely continue using this product. Thank You.”
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Why organic?

We all living beings on earth are mainly dependent on energy, and this energy is comes obtained through sun. However, human beings & animals cannot absorb the energy released by sun, hence they all are dependent on plants as plants can absorb the energy and can then convert it into required minerals, vitamins, amino acids.

Excessive applications of pesticides and fertilisers have caused damage to the soil and environment besides affecting crop production. Use of pesticides in the world has increased drastically. Pesticide residue is the second largest agent causing cancer.

Organic cultivation will help to produce fresh organic produce containing more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micronutrients than intensively farmed produce. It will also help us to avoid genetically modified food. Cattle & other animals are reared on various anti-biotic, hormones, anti-parasite drugs and many other medicines on a daily basis, to keep them fit & healthy, whether they have an illness or not. These drugs are passing directly onto the consumers of their dairy produce. Organic produce has better quality, shelf life, taste, lustre than inorganic produce. It will also help in conserving nature and its beautification. It will encourage and enhance biological cycles involving microorganisms, soil flora and fauna, plants and animals. Helps in maintaining and enhance long-term fertility of soils. It will also help in soil & water conservation which a need of an hour.