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Sachin Bhoite
Baramati, Maharashtra
“We have been using Agriklik & Soilklik for our wheat farm in Baramati, last year we got 1.3 tons of wheat, but this year afer using Nanosolutions product we got 1.9 tons of wheat which is almost a growth of 600kgs of wheat. The total expenditure of Nanosolutions product was exactly 400Rs of Agriklik and 880Rs of Soilklik which comes to 1280Rs. And net worth bonus was of Rs.6900. We are thankful to Nanosolutions for making such a wonderful product. We will definitely continue using this product. Thank You.”
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Research & development

We at Nanosolutions™ are continuously updating our products to its latest required. We have almost range more than 100 ingredients which been used in our products at various potency levels as per the requirement. Most of the minerals used are been extracted from plants and known to be biologically activated product from plant extract hence they do not cause any harm or side effect to the plants or animals.

Here at R & D division, we are continuously working on deficiencies and take required corrective measures by adding different minerals, vitamins, amino acids to our products.

New Drug development

Our upcoming products are for various categories.

We have just completed with our trials with organic pesticides and will be soon in market by this mid year. Our other on going trails are on, Aquatic (fishes & ornamental fishes), Goat, Dogs, Puppies, Equine, Emus, Ducks, Substitute to milk for calves, Liver tonics for animals, Tonics on Uterus.

We have tried using Gold & Silver in development of plants & animals after reading Ayurveda & have found to increase resistance power in plants and animals.