An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
Sachin Bhoite
Baramati, Maharashtra
“We have been using Agriklik & Soilklik for our wheat farm in Baramati, last year we got 1.3 tons of wheat, but this year afer using Nanosolutions product we got 1.9 tons of wheat which is almost a growth of 600kgs of wheat. The total expenditure of Nanosolutions product was exactly 400Rs of Agriklik and 880Rs of Soilklik which comes to 1280Rs. And net worth bonus was of Rs.6900. We are thankful to Nanosolutions for making such a wonderful product. We will definitely continue using this product. Thank You.”
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About us


We at Nanosolutions™ would like to introduce ourselves as:

  • Manufacturers of “Biologically Activated Products From Plant Extracts” (eco friendly organic drugs)
  • Consultants & Total solution providers

In the field of agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, veterinary and aquaculture.

Our AGRO product range includes Natural & Organic Plant Growth Promoters, Plant Growth Regulators, Soil Enhancers, Soil Micro Flora Boosters, Nutritional Supplements to Plants, Animals & Soil.

The continual usage of our agro formulations helps farmers by completely stopping the Chemical Fertilizer use hence reducing the production cost as well as increasing the yield of the produce with better quality in terms of Size, Colour, Aroma, Texture, Taste, Keeping Quality (Shelf Life), Shorter Cultivation Time, etc. In animal husbandry it helps in fast weight gain as well as milk booster, fat enhancer and also for the fertility of the animal. With the usage of our formulations for continuous 3 years, the soil & the produce could officially be certified as ORGANIC SOIL.

Medicines are made from plant extracts, which is a combination of Ayurveda and Homeopathy.

Nanosolutions™ is the pioneer in India and till date the only company for such technologies.


Nanosolutions™ believes in concept selling then just in traditional marketing. Nanosolutions is being continuously working throughout the country and across the world with our channel partners to reduce down the cost of production and to increase the better quality of produced yield.

We have our team who are continuously travelling across the country and organise organic seminars and try to explain the concept of Nanosolutions with help of Ayurveda and homeopathy.


  • Green Planet, Organic Planet, Healthy Planet.
  • Say NO to Chemicals and YES to Organic food.
  • Give Healthy food to Plants.
  • To enhance the organic cultivation.
  • Protect the environment, minimize soil degradation and erosion, decrease pollution, optimize biological productivity and promote a sound state of health.
  • Maintain long-term soil fertility by optimizing conditions for biological activity within the soil.
  • Maintain biological diversity within the system. Recycle materials and resources to the greatest extent possible within the enterprise. Rely on renewable resources in locally organized agricultural systems.


Nanosolutions™ is a research based agro solution company. The Company is focused on innovative solutions for crops, soils, birds, animals, humans and environment. Nanosolutions believes that Agriculture plays a vital role in strengthening the economy of our country. With the objectives clearly vision and defined, Nanosolutions is committed to do innovations in agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, dairy, poultry and other veterinary department. The idea is to promote evergreen revolution which has multiplier effect on employment generation and socio economic development of the rural and semi urban areas through environment friendly technologies.

The emphasis is given on bettering the Human life by improving the quality of the agro produce. To get the quality produce from soil, the soil quality needs to be improved.